GE Track & Recessed Edison Halogen MR 50 Watt Floodlight

Brightness Quality: 850 Lumens. Energy Info: $6.02 based on 3 hrs/day, 11 cents/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. 50 Watts. 12 Volts. Package Info: 1 Bulb Info: Halogen Both Is Flood Light Pin Bulb Life: 1.8 Years based on 3 hrs/day. Bulb Appearance: 3000 Kelvins. Misc: MR16 bulb type. Directional halogen bulb. Protective cover for use in open fixtures. 1+ year life (Based on 3 hours use per day). 50W. 850 lumens. 1.8 year life (Based on 3 hours use per day). UV control protects from fading. Brightness: 850 lumens. Estimated Energy Cost: $6.02 per year. Pin check. GE halogen bulbs provide a bright, crisp light that makes your home look its best. Showcase the beauty of your home with GE's high quality of light. Floodlights from GE cast a wide beam that adds drama to fireplaces, kitchen counters and entryways. Flood. Visit us on the internet -; 800-GE-Light. Made in China.