E-Cloth Range and Stovetop Cleaning Cloth

What's Inside: 1 range & stovetop cloth. Range & Stovetop Cloth: 12.5 in x 12.5 in. Just add water. Removes over 99% of bacteria. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough. Cleans, stovetops, oven surrounds and microwaves, removing grease, grime, stuck-on residues and over 99% of bacteria. Easy: Cleans with just water. Efficient: Removes over 99% of bacteria. Effective: Gets rid of thick grease and dirt. Environmental: Requires no chemicals. Extra Thick: Cleans deeply. Excellent On: All oven and cooking surfaces - perfect for all type of stovetops, ovens and microwaves. Use with a Glass & Polishing Cloth to give a streak-free finish to shinier surfaces. What makes E-Cloth different from other cloths? Premium Microfibres: This cloth contains 3.1 million per square inch. Split on a microscopic level, they break up and grab grease, dirt, and bacteria - and remove it from surfaces. AllergyUK: Allergy Friendly Product. 3 Years Promise: You can wash this cloth 300 times up to 90 degrees C (hot). With weekly washing, it will last you 3 years. That's a promise. www.e-cloth.com. Tel: 800-677-4354. Recyclable box. 100% Recyclable. Made in Vietnam.