Nektar Honey Crystals Packets - 40 CT

40 on-the-go packets. 100% natural. No sticky mess. Delicious in beverages, oatmeal & more. Nektar Honey Crystals are sweet and delicious. They are also the perfect way to add flavor to beverages, foods and even more marinades. With these on-the-go packets, you can carry honey flavor and sugar sweetness with you while keeping your fingers neat and clean. Stir in hot & cold beverages. Sprinkle on fruit & yogurt. Carry in a pocket or purse. Add to oatmeal or smoothies. Each packet has the sweetness of one teaspoon of liquid honey. Honey has long been revered for its taste and considered a rare gift from nature by many cultures. Greek mythology even refers to it as the nectar of the gods. Yet since the beginning of time honey has presented a sticky problem. That is until now! Honey without the sticky mess! Nektar Honey Crystals deliver honey without the sticky mess! These tasty all natural crystals combine the elegant taste of natural honey along with the convenience and sweetness of cane sugar. Never before has using honey been so easy. GMO free. Gluten free. Have questions or want to learn more? Visit us at