Safe Catch Tuna, Wild, Elite

Amazing purity. Amazing taste. Just pure tuna. Sustainably caught. 21 grams protein. Lowest mercury of any brand. Great for athletes, kids & pregnant women. Healthy Child Healthy World. Non GMO Project verified. Certified paleo. American Pregnancy Association official tuna. Safe Catch is the only brand to test every fish. Our Elite mercury limit is 10 times more stricter than FDA's. Feel great tuna: We want everyone to feel great about eating tuna again. We invented a new technology to test every fish for mercury. We only source sustainable wild caught tuna and each fish has to pass our test. Not every tuna can be a Safe Catch tuna. Most canned tuna loses flavor and the majority of omega 3s due to machine processing. We hand pack pure raw tuna steaks to retain all nutrients and then slow cook them to perfection. We hope you love it! - Sean & Bryan, founders. Learn more at 21 g protein. 3 blocks. Mercury tested. More omega 3s. No precook. Additive free & BPA free. Sustainably caught. Every tuna tested to a mercury limit of 0.1 parts per million. Dolphin safe. Packed in Thailand.