Herbal Mist Tea, with Yerba Mate, Peach

Tea made with yerba mate. 80 calories per serving. 100% natural. Discovered centuries ago in South America, Yerba Mate is an herbal tea packed with health benefits and is enjoyed by millions daily. Revered as the drink of the gods many in South America ritualistically drink Yerba Mate with a gourd (cup) and bombilla (straw used to filter the leaves). Herbal Mist with Yerba Mate brings you South America's healthy alternative to coffee - the passion of South America, Yerba Mate! Herbal claims are not verified by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Good or your body, good for your soul. Visit us at www.herbalmist.com. We'd love to hear from you. Gluten free. Please recycle. Made in the USA.