Virgil's Real Cola Micro Brewed - 4 CT

Using natural ingredients we brew a cold so pure, so smooth and uplifting you'll swear it's made in heaven. Microbrewed. No preservatives. No caffeine. Real cola is made with all natural ingredients gathered from the world over-kola nut, clove bud, cassia, cinnamon, nutmeg, lime, lemon and orange oils. Micro brewed with 100% natural ingredients this feel good cola will give you a natural lift. Gluten free. All natural flavors. Made naturally for the cola connoisseur. Virgil's Real Cola is a classic cola recipe made naturally using the finest cola ingredients possible. For years, we have been making Virgil's Root Beer, a three time Outstanding Beverage Award winner of the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (the national organization for the gourmet food trade). We decided to make a cola that would rival the super premium quality of our root beer. Our first step was to research the recipes used to make the original real colas from the early 1900's. We found that these early recipes used quality herbs, spices and fruits. Recipe in hand, our search for the finest ingredients then took us around the world. We found the finest clove bud oil in India, vanilla in Madagascar, cinnamon in Ceylon, nutmeg in Indonesia, cassia oil in China, orange and lemon oils from Italy, and lime juice from Mexico. Also, in keeping with our philosophy here at Virgil's, we make this product without preservatives or any artificial ingredients. We hope you find this to be the best cola you have ever tasted. No caffeine, gluten free, no preservatives, and no artificial anything! Low sodium.